Cemetery Index

This information was donated to the Swisher County Genealogical Homepage by the Tule Creek Genealogical Society. It was originally published in their book “Interments in Swisher County, Texas and Vicinity (1890 – 1990)” in 1990.

Also included in this database are burials since 1990 and selected photographs of headstones.

Please treat this database as a secondary resource. ALWAYS consult the primary resource whenever possible for the most accurate research.

An “*” or “**” by a person’s name in the cemetery listings indicates military service.

Center Plains – Bagley Cemetery 6 mi W and 2 mi N of Kress, Texas
Happy Cemetery Happy, Texas
Kress Cemetery Kress, Texas
Milo Cemetery
Price Cemetery 1 mi S and 1 mi E of Claytonville, TX
Providence Community Cemetery Near the Swisher County and Floyd County line
Rodgers Ranch Cemetery Located Northeast of the Ranch home.
Rose Hill Cemetery 1555 County Rd 13, Tulia, Texas 79088
(806) 955-2275
Vigo Park Cemetery Vigo Park, Texas
Wayside Cemetery
Wright Cemetery Claytonville, Texas

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