Swisher County Bios

Ancestors and Descendants of

James Gibson SWISHER

for whom Swisher county was named


The following information is listed in alphabetical order

(first name):


    Annie SWISHER married Richard Newton LANE. Relationship to James

    Gibson SWISHER unknown at this time.


    Henry SWISHER married Annie GIBSON. Relationship to James

    Gibson SWISHER unknown at this time. Henry could be James Gibson SWISHER’s

    father (which would probably be the reason Gibson is his middle name –

    for his mother).

SWISHER, James Gibson

    James Gibson SWISHER was born in 1794 in Tennessee. His wife is unknown

    at this time, but it is known that he had a son named John

    Milton SWISHER, born 1819 in Tennessee. James had served in the War

    of 1812, the Tennessee Militia and the United States Mounted Rangers. He

    came to Texas in 1833 settled for a few months in Milam County, and then

    moved on to Washington County. James was Captain of a company of volunteers

    and fought for Texas independence. He was one of four men who, on Dec.

    11, 1835, met to arrange the terms of the Mexican surrender and also one

    of four delegates from Washington Municipality to the Convention of 1836

    at Washington-on-the-Brazos. There he signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.

    Because of his accomplishments, Swisher County, Texas was named for him.

    There are several memorials throughout the county, including one outside

    the courthouse and a photograph at the Swisher County Museum. The photograph

    at the museum, however, is said to NOT be James Gibson SWISHER. It is speculated

    that it might be John Milton, and I will post as soon as I find out. James

    and his family moved to Austin when it was named Texas state capitol and

    lived there until he died in 1864.

    SWISHER, John Milton

      John Milton SWISHER was born in 1819 in Tennessee to James

      Gibson SWISHER. His wife is unknown at this time. John joined Houston’s

      army and fought in the Battle of San Jacinto. He served as Assistant Secretary

      of the Republic of Texas and was Texas’ first auditor. John died in Austin,

      Texas in 1891.


    Mary SWISHER married someone with the last name SAYLOR. Relationship

    to James Gibson SWISHER unknown at

    this time.

    SOURCE: At the Swisher County Museum

    there is a pamphlet called THE SWISHER MEMOIRS by Col. John M. Swisher.

    The memoirs were published by John M. Swisher’s niece, Mrs. Annie Lane


4 Responses to Swisher

  1. Angela says:

    Read The Swisher Memoirs by John Milton Swisher it tells you the relationship of Henry Swisher and Ann Gibson were the parents of James Gibson Swisher. It also states that James Gibson Swisher married Elizabeth Boyd. Lots of blanks here are filled in from the book.
    Annie Swisher who married Richard Newton Lane was the dau of James Gibson Swisher & Elizabeth Boyd

    Mary V Swisher married William Ashford Saylor was the dau of John Milton Swisher & Maria W Simms

  2. Phillip William Swisher,Jr. says:

    Hello, I am kin to these people. I was born in Houston in 1967. I currently live in Switzerland, and I have three kids. I have been looking for a copy of the Swisher Memoirs for years. Where can I mail order a copy. Thanks, Phil

    • Pamela Kercheville says:

      Phillip William Swisher, Jr. Which Swisher are you kin too? James Monroe Swisher is my GG Grandpa.

      Pamela Kercheville

  3. Pamela Kercheville says:

    James Gibson Swisher and Elizabeth Boyd are my Great Great Great Grandparents. I have lots of information if you need to fill in the blanks! John Milton Swisher, is my Great Great Uncle and James Monroe Swisher “Capt Mon” is my Great Great Grandpa.

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