The website is currently being updated. It’s possible that you may run into something that won’t load properly. It should work shortly. If not, you can report the problem using the contact links on this page or by commenting on the page (if possible). Thank you for your patience!

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Update May 2015

Just a note to say that I’ve been back a few weeks. The trip didn’t help like I hoped it would. My son and I got sick just before leaving, got better and then got sick again! To top that off, I got costochondritis or a cracked rib from lugging everything around. I’m getting healed up and am about to get back to work!

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Update March 2015

I have caught up the query backlog from when I was ill. Some are on hold and you will have a reply if that’s the case. If you have messaged me and you don’t see a reply please email me and I will look into it.

I am about to be MIA again because I am going back home to see my family and regain some energy (haha) but I hope to dive back into developing the site in May. I really appreciate your patience. I will be able to monitor everything and perhaps do a little work but I won’t have all my hardcopy resources with me which I try to always refer to… they have really, really helped in the past.

If you haven’t been to Family Search lately, I just discovered a nice little surprise… a lot of the original records have been imaged including deeds. I have listed the direct link to the right under “External Swisher County Genealogy Links” for future reference but I have also included it here for your convenience. Another great resource is the Tulia Herald which covers the years 1910 to 1960.

Swisher County Records (Family Search)

Tulia Herald (Portal to Texas History)

Some of you have asked me in the past how you would go about getting a copy of an obituary listed in the index on this site and I didn’t have a working email or phone number. I have heard from Sally Murrell, director of the Swisher County Museum and Archives so we again have a contact to request copies of obituaries that you see listed in the indexes. She said that you can reach the museum by calling 806-995-2819 Tues-Thurs or mail them at PO Box 445, Tulia, TX, 79088. So anyone who has been waiting for that can do so. Please let me know if you need any assistance.

It’s time for me to verify all the resources and links so I will try to make it flow better as well.

I hope you all stay warm during this (hopefully) last round of winter storms and I will see you in the Spring! Sounds like a long time but it’s just around the corner! Woohoo!

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I have a few queries that have not yet been answered. I will get to them as soon as I can. My son and I have been sick literally ALL month with the stomach flu and now the regular flu. Sorry for the delay! *sniff*


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Website Status – April

I have been receiving quite a few queries so I have been busy working on those and there has been some great connections, including a letter and some photos returned to family members. Those are the kinds of things that keep me going.

I have started working on the headstone notations in the gallery again and I am to the “G’s.”

I was looking through the obituaries and a test that I did, adding a link to the headstone in the gallery, a link to Find-a-Grave, and a link to that individual’s death certificate on As I feared, the links to the obituaries on family search are now broken. They also don’t seem to allow you to look up every death record for that county right now either so the link on the main page will show an error though it gets you to the database so you can do a lookup. This could be to a Texas privacy law that does not allow you to create a list of the death records online. I’m not sure at this time. But I will figure out a solution soon. I also noticed that in general, some of the tables are too big for the pages. I will fix that as soon as I can.

If you are on Facebook, you are welcome to “like” the page created for this website. Click the banner on the right hand side of this page. We have a lot of new members lately I’m sure due to a referral from a lovely lady who has a Facebook Page called Panhandle Tidbits. She is a great historical writer and she includes histories on Swisher County and posts some wonderful photographs that I’m sure you will enjoy if you have ancestors from the Panhandle.

I am still moving pages from the old sites. If there’s anything that you want to see that isn’t working properly, please let me know and I will see if I can get it fixed for you. If you have any photographs or information about your family that you would like to archive on this page, please don’t hesitate to contact me. My email is listed in the image at the top of this page (to prevent spammers).

Speaking of spammers… I’ve been trying hard to combat it at this site. I have got over 43,000 spam comments since I installed an addon to combat it a few years ago! So glad I don’t have to do that on my own. I also get at least 20 spam user registrations a day. Several months ago, I was alerted that someone had been able to attach coding to my site to add spam links to every legitimate comment made. I’m hoping I was able to get rid of that. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before something else happens. I sure wish I could spend that time working on the website instead. Please let me know if you see anything unusual and my apologies in advance if anything gets missed.

Thank you for your patience!

~*~ Sharon

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Gallery Progress

The “D” headstones are now indexed in the gallery. It’s not much, but it’s progress! :)

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Update March 2013

I just wanted to let you know that I’m still around even though I haven’t posted any news recently. I’m piddling around in the background, answering an increasing amount of queries, and getting ready to dive in again. I’ve been absolutely thrilled at the number of family heirlooms people are coming forward with wanting to get them back to family. I love that and I’m happy to help all that I can.

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Quilt Update

I have just learned that the quilt I posted about earlier this year is in the process of being donated to the Swisher County Museum. It will make a great addition!

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Potential Delay in Responses

I just wanted to let everyone know that I might have a delay in responding to any inquiries. I will kind of be “on maternity leave” for a week or so. I can’t really predict what might happen, how long I’ll be in the hospital, or how long my recovery will be but hopefully not long at all. But by all means, continue to send them and I will answer as soon as I can!

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Flooding in Kress, Texas May 24, 1957

Flooding in Kress, Texas 1957. James W Moore Collection.

Flooding at a business in Kress, Texas, May 24th, 1957. Does anyone have any more information or photos that I can post?

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