New Headstone Website: Billion Graves

There’s a new resource for genealogists to find or obtain photographs of their ancestors and relatives called Billion Graves. The site calls for genealogists to snap photographs on their iPhone or Android and upload them to their website. It is still in its infancy, but tombstone hunter slash genealogy addicts slash iPhone enthusiasts have heard their call and have uploaded lots of photos so far… just not for Swisher County. What makes this headstone site different from the rest? It appears that the site uses geocode to map the plots.

Unfortunately, they are not displayed which could have been useful to some trying to locate headstones. Perhaps they display on the iPhone/Android application?

Swisher County Cemeteries are located at the following links:

Happy Cemetery — Happy, Swisher, Texas, United States
Kress Cemetery — Kress, Swisher, Texas, United States
Rose [Hill] Cemetery — Tulia, Swisher, Texas, United States
Wright Cemetery — Kress, Swisher, Texas, United States

We’ll see what happens with the website in the future.

Fortunately, Swisher County has had cemetery listings online for many years thanks to Zoe Smith and the former Tule Creek Genealogical Society. I’m am in process of getting them updated and organized.

Some other great resources for locating headstones:
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