Swisher County, Texas

Wright Cemetery is located two and four tenths miles west of the railroad tracks on Highway 145 in Kress, then one and one-half mile north and back west one half mile. There are only a few known graves left in the Wright cemetery, and only two headstones remain.

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Mrs. F R

May 12, 1928 – Nov 15, 1899

wife of Deacon J N West

NOTE: She was the mother-in-law of R. C. Wright, founder of Wright (now named


BRYANT, Robert T Chandler (headstone)

Jan 8, 1909 – Aug 2, 1908

son of Rev & Mrs R H Bryant



BOOKOUT, Boy (unknown)

Nov 17, 1898 – April 11, 1899

son of W W & M O Bookout

TRACY, John Nat

14 yrs, 9 mo, 12 days

Oct 20, 1904

3 miles east of Wright

grave may have been moved to Kress

“Killed by Runaway Horses”

DRAKE, Jessie Donald

21 years

died Dec 12, 1905

BONEY, Arvis (Arvin?)

65 yrs, 25 da Falls Co.

Jan 18, 1908

3 mi SW of Wright

Buried at Wright


19 yrs

17 Jul 1904

14 mi West of Plainview

“Could be buried at Wright”

“Stayed with J. E. Jones Family”

Info from Commissioners’ Court Minutes

REED, Kate

She is not listed in Interments in Swisher County, Texas, but the

book Windmilling:Swisher County, Texas, lists her as being buried here.

No dates are given.

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