McDOWELL,Samuel Ray

Samuel Ray McDOWELL was born 17 March 1885 in Georgetown, Tennessee

to John R. McDOWELL and Martha Louisa COLLINS.

Samuel married Minnie Burg KNIGHT, born 14 September 1883 in Baldwin, Prentiss

County, Mississippi to William Thomas KNIGHT and Amanda Virginia MOORE. After

their marriage, Samuel and Minnie homesteaded in House, New Mexico. Their

first child Kennybrough

Browining “K. B.”was born here in 1907. A daughter, Mildren

Ramon, was born to them in 1909.

Samuel and Minnie decided to move and they donated the corner of their

homestead to House for a cemetery. In 1912, a child, (name omitted – still

living) was born in Estalline, Texas. A daughter, Laura

Lucillewas born in Childress County, Texas in 1914. The family moved

once again, this time to Wheeler County where Woodrow

Phillipwas born in 1918. Woodrow died the next year in Kelton, Texas.

Samuel and Minnie’s sixth and last child, (name omitted – still living),

was born in 1920. In 1921, misfortune struck the family again when their

fourth child, Laura Lucille died before her seventh birthday. This left

four of their six children living.

From Wheeler County, Texas, the family moved to Castro County, Texas,

and finally to Tulia in 1936. Samuel was a farmer prior to moving to town,

and to the time he purchased a laundry in Tulia, he had a dairy. He would

deliver milk (with the help of grandchildren) to residences in Tulia. He

charged 10 cents per quart and 5 cents a pint. He donated the property

to the Baptists to build a church, where it is now located in the McDowell


Minnie died 1 July 1949 in Plainview, Texas. Samuel died 30 July 1970

in Tulia, Texas and was buried 1 August 1970 at the Rose Hill Cemetery

in Tulia, Texas.

McDOWELL, Kennybrough

Browning “K. B.”

Kennybrough Browning “K.B.” McDOWELL was born 8 April 1907

in House, New Mexico to Samuel

Ray McDOWELL and Minnie Burg KNIGHT. He married Verna Estelle BARNES,

20 November 1926 in Wheeler, Texas. “K. B.” died 14 October 1884

Canyon, Texas and is buried in Happy, Texas.

McDOWELL, Mildren Ramon

Mildren Ramon McDOWELL was born 23 August 1909 House, NM, to Samuel

Ray McDOWELL and Minnie Burg KNIGHT. She married Edd Austin GLENN 21

December 1928 in Canyon, Texas. Mildren died 11 August 1991 in Lubbock,

Texas and is buried in Muleshoe, Texas

McDOWELL, Laura Lucille

Laura Lucille McDOWELL was born 27 September 1914 in Childress County,

Texas to Samuel Ray McDOWELL

and Minnie Burg KNIGHT. Laura died 14 June 1921, before her seventh

birthday, in Kelton, Texas and is buried in the Kelton Cemetery..

McDOWELL, Woodrow Phillip

Woodrow Phillip McDOWELL was born in 1918 in Wheeler County, Texas to

Samuel Ray McDOWELL and

Minnie Burg KNIGHT. He died in 1919 in Kelton, Texas where he is buried

in the Kelton Cemetery.

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